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Bank Management - Lecture 01

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Textbook: "Bank Management", Peter Rose. Chapter 1. Introduction to Banking. source of credit, source of financing, debt, equity, financial institutions, payment services, checking, check-writing services, bank cards, debit cards, credit cards, loans, corporate loans, small business loans, consumer loans, mortgage loans, installment loans, working capital, working capital loans, definition of a bank, legal definition, financial intermediary, commercial bank, money-center bank, community bank, savings bank, cooperative bank, mortgage bank, merchant bank, investment bank, international bank, wholesale bank, mutual funds, hedge funds, pension fund, insurance, insurance company, accept deposit, commercial loans, trade union, credit company, credit union, functional definition of a bank, historical definition of a bank, banking roles: intermediation function, savers, depositors, payment function, risk-protection function, liquidity-provider services, credit, debit, lender, borrower, creditor, asset, liability,

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