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The law of attraction is well venerated, as well as hated by various people depending on their beliefs and where they hear it from.

Some people, especially in the science spectrum, use the law of attraction to discredit the existence of the living God, which makes certain christians to hate the law of attraction with absolute passion.

Nonetheless, I believe that the law of attraction is very biblical and that the scientists who use it to discredit the existence of God are just but confused. I respect their opinion though, as I believe we can agree to disagree and still live in harmony.

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Robo dancing

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Put Value On yourself

George Chulu
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The Happiness and Freedom we all need😂

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When trying to impress someone in public

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Red Bag, first ever Zambian Action Movie/Comedy. This is the a scene where Dumbwi was dreaming of a fight.
Just like it's indicated at the beginning of the video, for the full movie, get in touch with the executive producer Mr. Steve Nyirenda(MUVI TV Zambia). If any money will be made because of this video, all of it will be forwarded to Steve Nyirenda and the Production crew responsible for producing RED BAG.

Credits; Mr. Steve Nyirenda
Frank Sibbuku
Christopher Phiri
Auster Sibbuku

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⁣In this video, I talk about something that has kept me on track, and not succumb to peer pressure.

I further explain how powerful a philosophy, value or a principle is when it is personalized, as opposed to when it is just being followed because someone else (parents, guardians, etc) said it should be followed. Therefore, based on my own experience, this is one of the first trait or characteristic that I'll instill in my kids (The Sober Ones).

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BTV was a hit in our times

Brian Kashiwa
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Remember the advert for botswana TV, long live childhood memories.

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Its the month of Love, happy Valentines to everyone.