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My House - ESL English For Kids: English Lessons For Young Children | All Together English

Published on 23 Feb 2022 / In Kids Lessons / Science

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My House - ESL English For Kids: English Lessons For Young Children | All Together English

In this English video lesson for young kids, we take a look at parts of a house: door, window, stairs, roof, wall

Our sentences for this lesson are:
Here is the window.
Here is the wall.
Here is the door.
Here is the roof.

Our lesson is packed with songs to help children learn and remember the words and phrases. Along with counting and ABC learning songs thrown in for good measure!

As an activity, you might want to ask your child to describe some of the items they might have in his/her schoolbag.

English second language (ESL) learners might also find these early learning videos helpful and fun.

We create audio-visual education for younger children featuring carefully picked topics, simple animation, cute characters and supplementary materials powered by original songs to introduce English to young minds. A wide variety of themes, divided into bite-size segments, offer something interesting and educational for ages 2 and up.



我們創建的內容幾乎是不可能讓兒童(和一些成人)忘記的– 就是有那麼大的粘性!關鍵是把教育和娛樂混合得恰到好處。

• 每一學習部分的時間段是仔細定時的,如詞彙,句子,兒歌,算術和更多。
• 年輕的孩子們被幽默感和樂趣完全激發起來,並保持良好的的注意力。
• 娛樂主題呈現在明亮的視覺風格當中被音樂帶動起來。
• 補充當前學校或幼兒園所教的學習材料。
• 在周末,假日,甚至睡覺前都是在家中完善的學習。
• 一個有趣開始學習英語的第一個步,同時為未來的學習建立堅實的基礎。

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