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Become our partner and help us realise our goal in providing well branded Short films, Feature films and Series in Zambia. We are a company aimed at improving the quality and way of storytelling in Zambia through movies, films, video games, novels, comics and animated cartoons.

We have assembled and are assembling an elite team of people to participate in our different programs to put our country name on the global film industry.

You can become our partner by helping us in several areas such as Financing of projects, Transportation and Logistics, Advertising and Marketing to mention just a few.


  1. Global advertisement of your products and services by use and mentioning of them in our various film, comics, animations, stories and novels projects we have
  2. Financial Support in times of need l, when needed we can offer you financial support to help keep your business running effectively
  3. Free Advertising on our website ZIT TV on where we host thousands and thousands of videos. And content
  4. And many other benefits.

Apply below to become our partner and someone will contact you shortly.