02 October 2023

Zambian League Faces Steep Decline in CAF Rankings

In a startling turn of events, the Zambian League has plummeted from its once lofty position to 21st place in the CAF (Confederation of African Football) rankings.

The recent elimination of Power Dynamos and FC MUZA from CAF competitions marked a significant setback for Zambian football, highlighting a dramatic drop from the 7th place it held in 2020.

The CAF rankings are a reflection of a league's overall performance in continental competitions, and the recent decline of the Zambian League is arguably the most substantial drop any league has experienced in such a short time frame in the history of CAF rankings.

The CAF Club Rankings as of the latest update are as follows:

1. Morocco ??

2. Egypt ??

3. Algeria ??

4. South Africa ??

5. Tunisia ??

6. Tanzania ??

7. DR Congo ??

8. Angola ??

9. Sudan ??

10. Libya ??

11. Guinea ??

12. Ivory Coast ??

13. Nigeria ??

14. Cameroon ??

15. Botswana ??

16. Congo Brazzaville ??

17. Senegal ??

18. Mali ??

19. Togo ??

20. Uganda ??

21. Zambia ??

The decline of the Zambian League has raised concerns within the nation's football community, as well as among fans and observers. So, what could be the factors contributing to this remarkable slide?

1. **Limited International Success**: One key factor is the lack of international success for Zambian clubs in recent years. As CAF rankings heavily depend on performance in continental competitions, the early exits of Power Dynamos and FC MUZA played a crucial role in the drop.

2. **Investment and Infrastructure**: In contrast to leagues higher in the rankings, the Zambian League may face challenges related to investment in infrastructure, youth development, and the overall competitiveness of its clubs.

3. **Inconsistent Performance**: While Zambia has enjoyed moments of success in the past, including their remarkable triumph in the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations, inconsistency in club performances has hindered the league's standing in the CAF rankings.

4. **Competing with Stronger Leagues**: The African football landscape is highly competitive, and leagues from Morocco, Egypt, and other North African nations have consistently outperformed others in continental competitions.

This significant drop in CAF rankings is a wake-up call for Zambian football authorities and clubs. To regain their lost ground and ascend the rankings, there is a need for a collective effort to address these challenges.

This decline doesn't mean that Zambian football is devoid of talent or potential. Zambia has a rich footballing history and a passionate fan base. With strategic investments in infrastructure, player development, and a more consistent showing in continental competitions, the Zambian League can hope to climb the rankings once again.

In the end, the Zambian League's slide in the CAF rankings serves as a reminder that success in international football is a journey that requires sustained effort, commitment, and strategic planning.



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