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This is the official ZIT TV opener for all films to be produced under the ZIT TV Studios.

Samuhanga Samuhanga konsolo
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good morning. welcome to my world.were Jesus is real.

Samuhanga Samuhanga konsolo
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welcome to my world, we're Jesus is Lord . in this second edition I introduce you to a short massage on the importance of the Holy Spirit. i pray you will be blessed.

Lazarus Kalenga
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Goal celebration

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Maza comedy turns a dog into chicken and give Chi Lizzy.😂😂😂
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Charles Beuta
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Bouncing baby boy 😂

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Esau Mutambo
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A must watch ‼️ Yo maps dance video.

Mike Mweemba
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Brian Kashiwa
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Remember the advert for botswana TV, long live childhood memories.

Brian Kashiwa
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BTV was a hit in our times

Brian Kashiwa
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Its the month of Love, happy Valentines to everyone.

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